Solid oak wood flooring

Wood flooring is the use of timber materials designed for the aesthetic or structural purpose. For ages, wood has been used for flooring homes and they come in different styles, colors, and designs. Various types of woods have been used in home flooring, and the oak timber is one of the many types of woods used. Solid oak wood flooring is using oak wood planks as flooring materials because of its longevity benefits.

Why choose wood flooring?

Any material selected for home construction is chosen because of some intrinsic values and wood flooring has the following benefits.

  • Natural and authentic. Wood flooring is hypoallergenic; it does not give off dust or retain it. It is easy to maintain, resistance to wear, and its insulation and acoustic benefits and natural qualities make the home warm and welcoming for people.
  • No adulterations. You are sure of getting 100% good quality for the wood origin you chose. It brings opportunity to achieve 100% design when handled by skilled personnel who understand what is needed to create a perfect design.
  • Environmentally friendly. Using timber for flooring contributes to the good and safety of the environment. Your home is free of toxic chemicals, and you can live in health from time to time without fear of hazard for the materials use.

Some facts about oak wood that makes it an excellent wood flooring material

Oak woods have been used for building purposes from time immemorial. Oak is a hardwood material unique for the finest furniture, interior paneling and flooring designs. Oaks are manufacturers’ choices for its durability and resistance to fungal infections. Below are reasons oak wood is a flooring choice for many who understand its qualities.

  • Higher density. Oak has a density of 0.75gram per cubic centimeter; this feature makes oak the most durable, hard and fungal resistance.
  • Best wood for furniture. If you need wood to use where others have failed, Oak is certain to stand the test. No wonder Oak was shipbuilders’ ally for shipbuilding before the use of metal. For longevity, the House of Commons in England was built with oak wood, and you can imagine its durability till today.
  • Most oaks live more than 200 years old. Oak trees are known for lasting more years than most trees. The oak tree planted during the period of King John lasted about 800 years. The more years of a tree, the stronger it becomes, and this contributes to durability.

Oak woods have been used in different types of furniture construction and for house building. Many homes built with solid oak wood flooring last many years without repairs compare to a home built with other wood types. However, caution should be taken when using wood flooring for a home floor.

Subjecting wooden floors to wetness may cause dampness, cause micro-organism to develop and affect the longevity of the materials. Wood flooring should be kept dry at all times and leakages in the roof top should be quickly mended to avoid the floor getting wet.

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