Herringbone Parquet Flooring

Herringbone has been known as among the earliest parquet pattern that was created in Europe. It was in 1539 when Francois the First, who was the King of France at that time, used it on the Fontainebleau castle that can be seen in Paris. In this project, he hired some craftsmen who came from Italy and in here, Herringbone parquet was the classic pattern which is made from the blocks was used. The blocks were arranged on the right angle which then forms a V shape. The thing making Herringbone different from Chevron is that the first one is cut as a perfect rectangle shape.

Herringbone parquet flooring can add great history, character and tradition to any public or residential space. So whenever you want to have that traditional look, consider having your floor designed with Herringbone parquet. There are many companies that can help you about this and you can easily find them through the web. In just a few clicks, you will immediately find a number of companies that can assist you in your flooring project. You just need to choose which of them can really provide you the kind of service that you want.

When it comes to Herringbone parquet flooring, you should know that there are many different shades and finishes to choose from. The companies that specialize in wood flooring installation services offer a great number of choices to select from when it comes to shades and finishes of the wood that would coincide with many interior settings. The Herringbone parquet flooring that you may find online might be offered to you in a click system, for instance, and it lets the installer to click every board together in order to form a tight ad strong bond between the planks. It then permits you to lay the Herringbone parquet flooring as the floating flooring that could be uplifted in the long run when needed.

Perhaps, you might be thinking of getting the flooring project done on your own. The job might be quite difficult and it is not suitable for a person who does not have knowledge on Herringbone parquet flooring. Hence, it is very important to choose to entrust the job to a dependable service provider instead. In just a few clicks, you will be able to find a number of companies that have been in the industry for a few years to decades that are specializing in most flooring projects like Herringbone parquet flooring. You just need to figure out which company can really offer you the best service and the greatest value for your money.

Also, you can ask for some suggestions especially if your friends or relatives have this kind of flooring design in their houses. They may refer you to companies that can get the job done without hassles. Companies that specialize in Herringbone parquet flooring are also willing to provide details about their products so when you choose one, feel free to ask them regarding the quality of their products and they may give some samples before you order.


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