Dutch Holiday in Zeeland Beach County

Dutch Holiday in Zeeland Beach County

Have you ever thought about a holiday in the Netherlands? It’s a place where you can enjoy a beautiful seaside. A holiday destination like that is easily found in the South of Holland. It is a delta area where the River Schelde and the Rhine flow to the North Sea.

This part of Holland is called Zeeland. It is actually a combination of sea and land! So don’t be surprise to find a lot of farming and fishing in the area!

In the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, Zeeland is well known. Famous cities and fantastic beaches on top make this area an attraction! Every summer Zeeland attracts many tourists, helping it develop a wide range of facilities. In fact, this is why this article was written. Here, we’ll help you find your accommodation to the area! You have a choice between camping, a holiday house or a hotel.

The Dutch word for ‘holiday’ is ‘vakantie’. School holidays are schoolvakanties. If you like a random impression of accommodations go to vakantiezeeland.nl. This website guides you to holiday hotel rooms and holiday resorts up to 500 holiday houses. Make your choice from camps, bungalows and hotels.

Caravanning, holiday house or hotel?

If you already know your preference, you can choose a specialized provider. Visitors coming to Zeeland who need a tent or caravan can go to campingszeeland.nl.

But, there’s information you must know before booking your accommodation at the camping websites. The information is in Dutch. But as a holiday region a lot of providers do offer translated internet pages.

Most camps also offer mobile homes and holiday houses. If you’d like to rent a house, go to bungalowszeeland.nl. Here you’ll find links to almost all the major resorts in Zeeland. You’ll get offers such as beautiful holiday homes. You can also get facilities like restaurants and a swimming pools. Bungalowszeeland.nl also shows you the way to private houses for families and groups.
Tourists visiting the Netherlands also like to see Amsterdam. If you plan to do so book your Zeeland accommodation on ‘Walcheren’ or ‘Zuid-Beveland’. This’ll give you a 1 day visit to Amsterdam. The train is the fastest route there. By car you are closer on ‘SchouwenDuiveland’. It is an island connected to the rest of the world by bridges and dams.

Book your camping, bungalow or hotel in ‘Zeeuws-Vlaanderen’ if you’d like to visit the historic cities Brugge and Gent in Belgium.

Airports are in Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Brussel.

For camps, bungalows, hotels, Zeeland is popular. Its location at sea makes the temperature 2 degrees higher than other Dutch regions. The ‘vakantie’ region has more than 100 kilometers of sandy beaches. There are no hassles with Zeeland. You can simply visit for relaxation!

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