Click Funnels

Click Funnels is the ultimate online software tool that enables you to create automated selling systems for anything you want to sell online.

Whether you are an expert, a consultant, affiliate marketer, network marketer, small business or even involved with ecommerce, Click Funnels gives you an unfair advantage when it comes to selling anything online.

It’s a well known fact in the internet marketing industry that the money is in the list and building that list of interested prospects is what the top 1% of the worlds most successful marketers focus on the most.

Although at this moment in time, the world sales funnel may not mean much too you, but you NEED to know that if you don’t have one, then your business will die a slow but painful death, as sales funnels are quickly becoming the new website, due to the fact that they generate better conversions.

A sales funnel allows you to guide your prospects directly to the sale of your products and enter them into what is known as a value ladder, which is simply a range of products that offer an increasing amount of value to the customer, for an increasing amount of cost.

For example, at the front end of a sales funnel you would typically have a free gift that would attract your ideal client, but would also repel those you don’t want to do business with. You offer this free gift, which could be a video, report or ebook which is exchanged for an email address.

Once the potential customer has entered their email, they are then redirected to an upsell, which offers more information related to your free gift that reveals your best secrets and provides awesome amounts of value, which can be sold for anywhere between $47 to around $197.

Then you could offer a second upsell that provides a different, although related product and so on. You can even offer downsells which offer a smaller version of your upsells if the clients does not purchase, to increase your conversions.

The whole point of this process is simple. This allows you to buy traffic from Facebook, YouTube or anywhere else for that matter, AT A PROFIT.

Think of it this way, if you send 100 visitors to your free offer page and 30% of people buy your upsell at $97 and then 30% of those people buy your second upsell at $197, this means you will earn $4683, which means if you can buy targeted visitors to your free offer for less than $46.83, then you can make a profit.

Now I know the above scenario would ultimately depend on how well you create your sales pitch on each level and also the quality of traffic you send, but this is the exact process that Russell Brunson (the creator of Click Funnels) implements in his own business, and to be honest Russell earns more than $60 per visitor, so the above example is quite conservative.

What is most awesome about Click Funnels, is the entire process of building a complete sales funnel and connecting up all the steps is seamless and can be done in a few hours, even if you have ZERO experience building websites what-so-ever, which is why this software tool is becoming so popular.

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