Ceiling curtain track system

If you want to install a curtain to enclose a given space and are wondering how to do it? Well, here is the solution with the flexible ceiling curtain track , you can now comfortably enclose any space by attaching a curtain track system on the ceiling. Does it sound too good to be true, then it probably is, all you need to do is to check it out.

The flexible ceiling curtain track is a revolutionary interior design part that has completely altered the art of interior design. In addition to interior design, it has permitted for easy separation of a space for example that which is separated for the short term. These spaces include the presentation platform in a theater, in a photo stadium, and in the bed room for the best part of home.

Previously, to separate such spaces concerned the installation of costly metal bars through a professional-only progression and it made even the use of the curtains awkward. With the flexible ceiling curtain track that can be mounted on the ceiling, the method is highly reasonable. The flexible ceiling curtain track does not need additional activities to prepare the mounting surface which makes it easy. On your ceiling, you simply screw the track, attach the curtain attachments, and the space can be easily divided.

If you are wondering if the ceiling curtain track can be attached on your ceiling face, then you can rest easy. There are several equipment which are used as a ceiling mounted, the surfaces for the material be different. The most popular ceiling equipment are wood, plastic, and for storey houses, concrete. The bendable track is mounted on the service with screws. These can be screwed in all the above services therefore, is your ceiling wooden, plastic, or just a concrete of the storey slab? Well, don’t worry; the bendy ceiling curtain track mount can be mounted on each of these. Just for the sake, it is worth noting that for the existing ceiling, it might necessitate special tools than a screw driver to get the screws into the solid.

The good news about the supple ceiling curtain track is that, you don’t have to be anxious on how and who will do the work. If you are physically fit and have the time, you can easily and successfully mount the ceiling curtain track on your ceiling, assemble everything and get your space partitioned or windows purpose. Is it that easy, relatively yes, mainly because the track package comes with a manual, which can also be found online store, on how to accumulate and mount the flexible ceiling curtain track .

After choosing your curtains , which color, model or solid, sheer or light-blocking and your track, flexible, standard, or heavy duty, we are now going to pitch another option at you: Wall mount or ceiling mount?

The main point of views are the same no matter where you hang your ceiling curtains track or drapery track, and, like most of life, comes down to a question of form versus function. Ceiling mounts allow you to produce a flowing, floor-to-ceiling look. In fact some of our tracks can even be recessed into the ceiling for a flawless effect. This kind of curtain track is mainly useful when there is little to no room between the top of your window or door and the ceiling. Ceiling mounted curtain tracks are also the way to go if you want to create a layered look: 2 or 3 tracks mounted in parallel allow you to stack up sheers, decorative, and/or blackout curtains as required. We offer many options when it comes to ceiling mounted tracks.

We offer single and double wall brackets, so it is doable to hang two sets of curtains via a wall mount, but these tracks are most helpful where ceiling mounts are not possible. For example, if you have high ceilings, don’t want to expend an arm and a leg on curtain fabric, and want to be able to open and close the curtains easily, wall mount is the way to go.
The track and all hardware are all protected against rust and corrosion to ensure long life and smooth, effortless rolling time after time.

Can the track be bent?” No!!!! Not only is the material unable to be bent but the wheels on the curtain trolleys (rollers) couldn’t travel on a bent track.

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